Cambridge Discovery Park

Cambridge Discovery Park
The Bulfinch Companies, Inc.
Cambridge, MA
The Bulfinch Companies, Inc.

The Cambridge Discovery Park campus will consist of several mixed-use buildings, with offices and laboratory facilities on upper floors, and cafés on the ground floor and along a series of outdoor patios. Tangram 3DS created two exterior renderings, presenting two different side of the campus.

Solus4 designed the new Cambridge Discovery Park buildings and parking garage, and Tangram’s renderings show the designs in context with the existing buildings on the campus. Cambridge Discovery Park aims for LEED certification to recognize its sustainable design.

Because Tangram’s “before” photograph was taken when the park’s trees had lost their foliage and the grass had lost its luster, extensive landscape editing was needed to bring new life to the campus. TBC especially wanted to highlight the active environment of Cambridge Discovery Park, so Tangram added numerous joggers, cyclists, and other patrons enjoying the park to the renderings. The colors introduced by Tangram to the cafés’ bright red umbrellas and the park’s vibrant landscaping, for example, match TBC’s vision for a campus filled with outdoor activity.

The Bulfinch Companies, Inc., is featuring Tangram’s renderings on the property website to help market the new office space, particularly toward high-tech and life science research companies.