475 Fifth Ave.

475 Fifth Ave.
David Cosentino
New York City, NY

475 Fifth Avenue is a high-profile site that consists of a two-story retail space and office spaces on the above floors. It is located across the street from the New York City Public Library. The main goal of this project was to show the transformation of the buildings dated façade to a sleek and modern fast-fashion outlet as well as highlighting the trendy location in New York City. The Tangram 3DS team worked hard to update the façade while also sprucing up the street with foliage and people to make the city block come alive.

For this project Tangram 3DS had to create a few still renderings of both office space and the retail level of the building. This project allowed for a good amount of artistic freedom, as the team had to come up with a faux fast-fashion store to show how the space could essentially be used. There were many interesting features to the building that once again allowed the Tangram team to show their meticulous attention to detail, and their knack for bringing the architect's visions to life.

The office portion of the project proved to have other challenges. Tangram 3DS was asked to make the office a high-density, yet modern and open area. They had to find the perfect angle to capture the staircase, the conference rooms, the break areas, and the library through the windows. Finding that angle proved to be tricky, but with the artist’s trained eyes and some advanced technical skills, the Tangram team managed to find just the right angle that would allow for all of the required components to be highlighted beautifully. The result is a modern and trendy building in the heart of New York City.