Trinity Place

Trinity Place
Klaus Fuchs
Boston, MA
KFIDESIGN/ Klaus Fuchs Inc.

Tangram 3DS was asked by architect Klaus Fuchs to help create a short animation highlighting three rooms for the luxurious Trinity Place Condominium lobby. The Tangram team uses their technical skill and meticulous attention to detail to transform the old bank building into an elegant common area based on the architect’s designs. This animation will be used to convince the board of residents that a refashioned common area would be beneficial, both purposefully and aesthetically to the building.


The board of residents needs 50% approval to go through with the renovations. Tangram 3DS seized this opportunity to show their level of artistic ability. The proposed common area is for a very high-end building, therefore there are many unique and intricate pieces of décor to be modeled, a perfect job for Tangram. Tangram 3DS artists focus on the smallest details, such as the marble floors, and the hand crafted carpet from England to bring out the true elegance of the building. With such a robust interior design there are plenty of opportunities for Tangram 3DS to once again bring the architect’s designs to life.


"My experience in working on the animated walk through with Tangram 3DS was an incredibly satisfying collaboration and experience which I am anxious to hopefully duplicate again.  Most importantly I found that the people at Tangram 3DS shared my vision in creating a compelling and seamless presentation which resonated with my client, the Board of Trustees, and residents of Trinity Place. The animated walk through achieved the desired goal of presenting a concept in 3D, narrated with a voice over and accompanied by a music theme that otherwise using traditional presentation media could not have had the same impact.  The presentation provided the emotional connection to what otherwise would have been a dry conceptual investment decision that needed the support of the community at Trinity Place.


What is really important for you to know is that the walk through has succeeded in that it gave life to what otherwise was going to be a dry financial investment decision that was controversial among the residents.  The presentation appealed to the senses in that the residents could now see what had been up to that point been an abstract concept to which they could not relate.  The fact that we did a good job on the design did not hurt either, but the Tangram team's ability to put the puzzle together from architectural drawings right up to setting the table was utterly appealing and convincing."


Klaus Fuchs

President, KFIDESIGN/ Klaus Fuchs Inc.