2018 PREP State of Our Estuaries Report

Piscataqua Region | Client: Piscataqua Region Estuary Partnership (PREP)


Every five years, PREP prepares a State of Our Estuaries (SOOE) Report with extensive data and information on the status and trends of environmental indicators from the Piscataqua Region watershed and estuaries. The SOOE Report is a suite of products of varying levels of detail for the diverse audiences who rely on our work. The website is the interactive component in their communications plan.

Web Design

Online access to latest data and information is a necessary component to the communications plan for organizations. The print publications serve their archival purpose in the presenting the data, but the websites can be updated in real time, until the next State of Our Estuaries assessment is presented.


The State of Our Estuaries website was a new endeavor for PREP, and Tangram 3DS was instrumental in ensuring that the website was informative, clean, useful, and easy to use. We cannot be more excited to share this resource with our partners.

Abigail Lyon

Community Technical Assistance Program Manager, PREP

Print Design

PREP collects over 1 million data points annually to help monitor the changes and stresses in the estuary. These data points are combined into a series of indicators that are organized into Pressure, Condition and Response. The communications package includes pocket folder, SOOE Report, Guides for both Citizens and Decision Makers, conference collateral and promotion.

PREP was excited to work with Tangram 3DS again to produce the suite of products for this year’s State of Our Estuaries report. Words cannot describe how beautiful the printed materials are. Thank you to Tangram 3DS for your creativity, excitement, and professionalism throughout the process. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Abigail Lyon

Community Technical Assistance Program Manager, PREP