Everyone desires customization. Our projects are as unique as our clients. Now customization features are available in 360 panoramic VRs. In the example we created, textures can be changed for cabinetry or counters, but the same functionality can be used to swap out architectural features, such as building facades, windows, or almost anything. These interactive 360s are a powerful tool that can be used for a wide range of options from marketing large scale projects to making important design choices.

T3DS was tasked with creating a series of 360s which would allow viewers the ability to change the textures. We were excited to take this project on because there is so much potential with this functionality. The fully interactive 360s allow viewers to navigate between five VRs in a two-bedroom apartment and, in each room, change out the color of the cabinets, flooring, or counter tops. This customization allows viewers the ability to swap textures in real time and truly understand the visual difference. Our photo-realistic renderings bring the model unit to life and allow prospective tenants a tour of the space, but offer an experience that model units cannot, by showing them all the different options available. The interactive VR is also mobile-friendly.

Experience the Customization

Hobson’s Landing is a beautiful mixed-use project in Portland, Maine. For the residential component, Reger Dasco Properties wanted to take advantage of the innovative technology solutions we provide. Recreating the model unit in 3D, we worked with the developer to provide prospective tenants the ability to change out the color of the cabinets, flooring, or counter tops. All these customization options are available to tenants when purchasing one of the residential units. Beyond simply touring the model unit, tenants can experience the several dozen iterations in real-time with the click of a mouse.

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