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Tangram 3DS is a full-service marketing and design agency where technology and creativity unite. Founded in 2003 by CEO Stefan Vittori, Tangram 3DS has built a rock-solid reputation - not only for the work we produce but for the long-lasting relationships we build with our partners.

Our team is experienced, wildly creative, agile, and responsive and our studio's culture is driven by collaboration. Tangram 3DS excels at creating cohesive, world-class marketing packages for projects big and small. Our customized solutions include 3D visualization, virtual reality, 3D animations and walkthroughs, aerial and drone filming, photography, web design and development, and branding and graphic design for both digital and print media. We remain steadfast in our commitment to bring the best in talent, technology and trust to every client and every project.

We are your creative partners and our job is to bring your vision to life.

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Stefan Vittori

CEO and Founder

Stefan grew up in Austria and studied architecture and the architectural visualization industry in Vienna. He and his family moved to the Boston area in 1999 where he served as the Director of 3D Graphics and CAD Operations in several architectural offices and design studios and successfully created and ran in-house 3D departments and profit centers.

In 2003, Stefan saw an opportunity to take the architectural visualization industry to new heights and set up a studio that marries technology with creativity and creates trusting, long lasting relationships with each and every client. Thus Tangram 3DS was born.

Stefan prides himself on being a hands-on, collaborative CEO and partner. Stefan’s particular skill set greatly enhances the team’s ability to identify each project’s essential components in order to create the optimal solution for the clients’ specific goals. With more than 30 years of experience from the first days of the architectural visualization industry to today’s constantly evolving and advancing world, Stefan’s passion and expertise for this work shines through every project. Stefan wholly believes that a successful project is dependent on client and studio crafting a shared vision and building a trusting partnership.

When not steering the ship at Tangram 3DS, Stefan plays saxophone in a jazz band, enjoys all forms of music, gardening and relishes time spent with his wife and children.

Jared Foley

Creative Director

Jared fostered his love for art and technology from a young age. Whether it was painting and drawing, or building computers, he always sought new avenues of exploration. Taking ideas and places locked away in his imagination and recreating them through artistry and software to share with others was always the driver of Jared's passion. And so, his discovery of 3D visualization was a natural extension of these interests and led to many hours of experimentation and tinkering at home, teaching a 3D class in high school, and a degree from Champlain College.

How serendipitous it was that he would find Tangram 3DS in his hometown of Portsmouth, NH during his freshman year of college. It was here that he began his internship and found his love for architectural visualization. As the years progressed, Jared grew with the company and went on to become the Creative Director. Today, Jared finds himself extraordinarily lucky to do what he loves. With an amazing team of talented creatives, he continues his passion, using artistry and technology, to bring his client's ideas to life.

Rick Knight

Managing Director, Ohio

Rick Knight is a Senior Visualizer and the Managing Director of the Tangram 3DS Columbus, Ohio office, which caters primarily to our Chicago, Midwest and West Coast clients. Rick grew up in Southern Maine and earned a degree in Architectural Engineering from the New England Institute of Technology. Drawn to the visual side of architecture, Rick began his career as a 3D Modeler at Tangram 3DS in 2011 at the Kittery, Maine office.

A highly skilled artist with a fantastic eye for design, Rick directs projects from start to finish–matching team members to each job according to their individual strengths. Rick loves working with the tight-knit team at Tangram 3DS, where “a positive work environment provides balance in an industry that is so fast-paced and deadline driven.”

When not busy bringing our clients' vision to life, Rick can be found renovating the 1885 farmhouse where he lives with his wife and three young children. After spending most of his life in New England, Rick says living in Ohio was a big change but the friendly, welcoming people there have made it truly feel like home.

Jacques Peña

Director of VRX

As the Tangram 3DS Director of VRX, Jacques brings 18 years of experience and an impressive set of skills to the team. Working directly with clients, Jacques integrates emerging technology to create interactive, immersive experiences, finding and developing tools to create VR tours and enhanced animations with unique solutions to ensure ease of use in the real world.

Jacques, an award-winning digital artist, joined Tangram 3DS in 2014 after working in the video game industry, enjoying a career as an illustrator, designing board games and toys, and working at a large creative marketing and visualization studio in Boston. At Tangram, Jacques says he loves having the autonomy to push creative boundaries. “Inspired by innovation,” he has been particularly excited to work on projects in the field of space architecture and exploration.

In his spare time, Jacques loves to travel and work on character illustration.

Marc Fagan

Director of Film & Motion

As a native of Canada, Marc earned a degree in Digital Media Arts in Newfoundland and Labrador. Marc worked in television, animation, film, and live action for 15 years before joining Tangram 3DS in 2016. As Director of Film & Motion, Marc is the primary contact and supervisor for motion graphics and activating art. A licensed drone pilot, Marc captures background photography for VR tours, meshes 3D and real-world content, and integrates audio to create natural transitions for a wide range of motion graphics and video projects.

“The best part of my job is being involved in all the different production phases of a project, from start to finish. Constantly learning new tools and approaches to video production is what keeps me inspired,” Marc says.

In his free time, Marc enjoys time with his wife and kids, listening to vinyl records, mountain biking, and playing board games.

Alicen Brown

Art Director

Alicen Brown has worked at Tangram 3DS for over a decade, overseeing our branding and graphic design services. A California native, Alicen received a BA in Applied Art and Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which led to a career in San Francisco working with The Oakland Museum, Smith & Hawken, Landor Associates, Gensler, McKesson, and eventually Lerner Shops in New York City. Her background in traditional typographic design and vast work experience in a variety of media and digital marketing make her a true expert in visual communications.

With her particular talent for logo design, Alicen can capture a company’s core identity to find a visual solution that reflects its key qualities. As Alicen puts it, “Being a good listener is critical to understanding a client’s vision.”

Alicen made Maine her home in 1995. She’s an outdoor enthusiast who loves tennis, pickleball, and paddle boarding.

Chris Perez

Senior Architectural Visualizer

As a Senior Visualizer with over 12 years of industry experience, Chris says the best part of working at Tangram 3DS is the autonomy: “I love taking a project from start to finish and putting my own touches and style into the work.”

Chris grew up in NYC and earned a degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Media Arts and Animation. After working at a 3D start-up in NY, Chris landed a job at a private jet company for four years, designing 3D interiors for Dassault Falcon Jet. Chris has worked at our office in Columbus, Ohio since 2016–a big change from the Big Apple–but Chris, his wife, and two kids love the Midwest.

In his free time, Chris is passionate about working out in the boxing gym and bowling.

Cole Kuehl

Senior Visualizer

As a Senior Architectural Visualizer, Cole knows the ins and outs of taking 3d models to the next level with cutting-edge software. Cole enjoys leveraging his years of experience to produce photo-realistic images that bring the client’s vision to life. He takes special pride in adding those subtle details to interior design projects to create an inviting and engaging virtual space.

“I love making it feel like somewhere you would want to be.”
As a child growing up in Kittery, Maine, Cole was very artistic–constantly doodling, drawing, and painting. He followed his passion for visual arts by earning a degree in Digital Media and Animation. Cole started at Tangram in 2016 and feels fortunate to have a successful career in a Seacoast community that he loves.

For fun, Cole enjoys playing golf, woodworking, chess, and cooking.

Sara Odom

Director of Graphic & Web Design

Since joining Tangram 3DS in 2018, after earning degrees in both Graphic Design and History, Sara quickly became an essential part of the team. Working on everything from branding and graphic design to custom web sites and interactive marketing tools lets Sara express both the artistic and analytical sides of her creativity. With her adventurous curiosity and penchant for experimentation, she is always ready to bring innovative tools and fresh designs to her projects.

Sara says, “I appreciate that Tangram is so supportive and encourages me to develop new tools like the VR Viewer. It’s exciting to work on so many different projects and to have a positive impact on our clients.”

Sara has many interests outside of work. She’s an illustrator, comics artist, and enjoys hanging out with her basset hounds Argo and Remus.

Dalton Perry

Business Development Manager

With both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Business, Marketing, and Administration, coupled with past work experience in sales, digital marketing, mobile applications and design, Dalton joined Tangram 3DS as our Business Development Manager in 2021. Dalton works closely with clients to help identify project needs, develop viable solutions, and plan a course of action.

A team player, Dalton embraces new approaches and tools to help guide the company and our clients through all project stages from discovery calls, estimation, project management, final product delivery of final, post-project follow-ups, and customer success management. Dalton’s calm demeanor and attention to detail ensure that project work flows smoothly.

When not at the office, Dalton enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with his dog Adak.

Barbara MacLeod

Director of Communications

Barbara MacLeod brings decades of communications and public relations experience to Tangram 3DS. As an award-winning television reporter and anchor for 20 years, Barbara understands the importance of succinct messaging and engaging content. Active in the Boston media market for most of her career, she has been providing her marketing and communications expertise to businesses in New England for over ten years.

At Tangram 3DS, Barbara works with the team to create effective copy and content, offering social media expertise and media training. Barbara says, “Tangram 3DS is made up of a great group of colleagues who enjoy working together and are flexible. Everyone brings particular skills and a collaborative attitude.”

Outside of the office, Barbara loves skiing, pickleball, and water sports. She grew up in NE and enjoys the four seasons with her family and beloved dog, Lela.

Kyle Ouellette

Project Manager & Senior Visualizer

Kyle brings more than eight years of experience as a 3D artist and producer to Tangram 3DS. Though new to the office, Kyle has transitioned seamlessly into the team, easily adapting to our work culture and artistic style. He is a frequent contributor to 3D industry publications. His easy-going nature and infectious personality make him a great team member as well as an excellent client contact as project manager. Kyle says the collaborative approach with clients is one of the aspects he most appreciates at Tangram 3DS.

Kyle grew up in New England and received a degree in Media Art and Animation from the Art Institute in Philadelphia. In addition to being a 3D artist, Kyle is a voice actor, gamer, and weightlifter. Kyle has even written a campaign adventure for Dungeons and Dragons and is known to sing at karaoke from time to time.

Jill Farrell

Strategic Marketing Director

With over 20 years in the communications and marketing field Jill has a B.A. in Print Journalism from Loyola University New Orleans and a M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of New Hampshire. Jill has a background in running strategic communications and marketing programs across the country for both nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Jill has a knack for cutting through the noise with impactful strategy and changemaking marketing.

When not sharing a brand's stories Jill enjoys sailing the Maine coast on her boat, "Zephyr" and dancing to live music with her husband.


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