April 2021

To our Tangram 3DS Friends,

This month I’m highlighting some recent work that features not only a multitude of services that we offer (renderings, branding and web development) but also some of the diverse real estate markets we serve like commercial, office, retail, and hospitality. No matter the service or the market, we always strive to create compelling and world-class work that helps bring your project to life.

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Stefan Vittori

We Help Bring Your Vision to Life

Creating Coastal Dreams

We’ve recently completed work on some very fun and very beautiful renderings, full of sunshine, palm trees, and glittering waters. Just the thing to get us excited for warmer weather and hopeful that, even if the poolside gatherings are smaller, we’ll all get the chance to enjoy some well-earned summer revelry.

Faro Blanco is a destination resort and yacht club in the Flordia Keys, well-known for its iconic lighthouse and boasting a full-service marina. Our renderings, including a dynamite aerial view of the pool and surrounding marina, showcase upcoming additions including a zero entry pool area, tiki hut, and (best of all!) a waterslide. Check out more of our renderings for the hospitality market.

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