The Future of the Industry: Working with Autodesk

Earlier this week, our team hosted two Autodesk team members at our Kittery office. We gave Bruno and Jose a tour of the office before settling down over pastries and coffee. As with all our meetings, our Columbus team also joined virtually through Skype. The essence of the visit was to discuss the future of the industry and new updates to Autodesk software. We use 3ds Max all day, every day for projects of all sizes. In addition to the experience we have with the software, we are constantly talking about ways it can be improved upon. This was a great opportunity to talk to team members directly involved in those changes.

We’re all passionate about our work and are always looking for ways to optimize our workflow. We shared laughs and learned new things as we exchanged our thoughts and opinions. The time flew by and, before we knew it, several hours had passed. Overall, the discussion can lead to some great changes in both our workflow and future software updates. It’s always a great time to work with industry leaders on improving the software we use every day. We look forward to more opportunities like these.

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