Cambridge Crossing (CX)

Cambridge, MA | Client: DivcoWest


Cambridge Crossing (CX) is a forty-five acre transit-oriented development at the convergence of Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville that will encompass 4.5 million square feet, including 2.1 million square feet of commercials space, 2.4 million square feet of residential space, plus authentic local retailers. In preparation for the groundbreaking event, Tangram 3DS provided extensive marketing materials for Cambridge Crossing (CX) including virtual reality scenes, aerial renderings of the whole site, aerial photography and videography, and animation sequences.

3D Visualization

Tangram 3DS’ numerous photo-realistic aerial renderings helped to enhance the scope and breadth of the project. The renderings highlight the various building types, public parks, and bike-friendly transit opportunities.


Tangram 3DS took two flights over the location capturing video sequences of the site and excellent photography. The video footage taken allowed Tangram 3DS to create a build-up animation, showcasing the completed buildings and how well they will fit it with the rest of Cambridge.

Virtual Reality

The VR scenes Tangram 3DS created were 360° ground-level exterior images of various locations around the site featuring the different retail locations, public parks, lab and office buildings, bike-friendly transit opportunities, and much more. These VR scenes helped to show the authenticity and innovative design details of CX. The goal was to show CX as an extension of Cambridge, not a stand-alone entity—conveying the mood, style, and feel of Cambridge.