Campari moved its U.S. Headquarters to New York and selected Gensler as the interior design firm. During the design process, Tangram 3DS had the privilege of creating renderings for the two-story space in the Grace building. Being a spirits company, this project involved mixing bar scenes and workplace renderings. Using the unique color palate to match their liquor, we modeled rich blue furniture, bright red desk chairs, and marble-topped brass bars. Bottles of aperitif and vodka line the walls of the work space, and fill the two-story, floor-to-ceiling shelves beside on of the four bars. This was a fun project to work on since it is so unprecedented and nontraditional. Many of the angles we rendered were similar to the photographs taken of the space. It is amazing to see how accurate our renderings turned out, even down to the reflections. It’s always a great opportunity for us to see the finished product, as this allows for us to see how correct colors, textures, and design elements interact with natural lighting. This was an exceptional project and we were glad to have been part of the process.

Photo from Interior Design article. See more photos of the project here.

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