Tangram 3DS created a series of new solutions available to clients. These solutions are offered through Digital Content Creation Experience (DCC-X). The goal for DCC-X is to revolutionize presentation platforms through technology, while also maintaining the personal human touch that is so crucial to sales. With various products available, DCC-X is a presentation platform which leverages the latest technology available in order to maximize sales. Head over to DCC-X.com to experience a demo.

The fully interactive 360 Visualizer allows viewers to customize 360 virtual reality panoramics by changing out materials and textures. In the demo project, viewers can swap out the colors of cabinets, flooring, or counter tops. The customization features allow viewers to swap out color options in real time and truly understand the visual difference. The 360 Visualizer has amazing potential for any project. If you’re interested in experiencing the demo, please contact us.

The Digital Sales Center Experience (DSC-X) is one of the DCC-X products. The DSC-X is an app which incorporates all the media related to your development: photos, still renderings, 360 panoramic VRs, promotional videos, 360 videos, sales brochures, specification sheets, and anything else you want to feature. Everything lives within the application, so all the information you need is in one place. All the features available in the app are also available in a web-based tour that allows for flexibility and ease-of-use. One of the primary features is the ability to lead a guided tour through the building or development, showing any potential tenant all the critical details of the space. The DSC-X can also be used with the virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Go. Unlike traditional platforms, though, the viewer with the headset can lead the tour and everyone else sees what they can see—this revolutionizes the virtual reality experience!The opportunities available through the DSC-X are immense. If you’re interested in experiencing the demo, please contact us.

Client: DCC-X

Kittery, ME

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