Halley Rise

Reston, VA | Client: Brookfield Properties


Halley Rise is a 36-acre mixed-use development outside of Washington, D.C. Working with Brookfield Properties, we produced various renderings and a full-scale animation of the large-scale development.


In preparation of the groundbreaking event, we produced an animation which takes audiences through Halley Rise, displaying the architectural design of the development and introducing the various amenities available.

Tangram 3DS’s renderings, building studies and 3D animations really help tell story of Halley Rise. Tangram 3DS hit the ground running on the project, got the necessary permissions to shoot video and photography and went the extra mile. The team has great project management skills and helps us stay organized. Tangram 3DS is also great about setting up calls to review project plans and are comfortable running meetings with lots of internal stakeholders. If we have a last-minute tour or presentation, Tangram 3DS is able to meet our requests quickly.

Megan McNamara

Director, Marketing, Brookfield Properties

3D Visualization

Our renderings of Halley Rise helped our client conceptualize the development and distinguish certain components, from interiors to exteriors, include full-scale aerials.