Harvest City

Tangram 3DS collaborated with Boston Architect/Designer E. Kevin Schopfer to visualize his design proposal to build a floating agricultural / light industrial city off the shores of Haiti. Harvest City is envisioned as a vibrant, fully functioning city of 30,000 residents. The overall design is divided into four zones or communities interconnected by a linear canal system.

The four major canals focus on built neighborhoods consisting of four story housing complexes. The outer perimeter of the design is predominately “one acre” crop circles with secondary feeder canals. The inner “harbor” houses the city center with schools, administrative, community activities and general marketplace. The entire complex floats and is cable-secured to the sea bed. Because of its low profile, low draft dead weight capacity and perimeter wave attenuators, hurricanes and typhoon will have little effect other than collection of much needed water harvesting. The system of floating platforms allows for a master plan to grow and link to other future cities within the harbor.

The proposal of harvest City is both a bold and simple idea. It attempts to bridge both short and long term objectives for Haiti’s ongoing recovery. Innovation, when appropriately applied, is a tool which can solve problems and provide refocused hope on seemingly unsolvable situations.

Client: Schopfer Associates


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