Hobson’s Landing

Portland, ME | Client: Reger Dasco Properties


Tangram 3DS created a series of virtual reality panoramas which allow for user customization to occur right in the 360 space. We also produced a video which can be set to a loop so the various 360s can all be showcased.

Virtual Reality

The fully interactive 360s allow viewers to change out the color of the cabinets, flooring, or counter tops in order to allow prospective tenants the experience of seeing different options. Our photo-realistic interior renderings bring the model unit to life and allow for people to see each combination available to them. This model unit is used to give prospective tenants a tour of the space and show them the different options available to them.


We created a video of each 360 in a slow panning motion. This auto-pan loop of the VRs can be played anywhere, especially on a show room television. This goal was to allow viewers to see the fully visualized spaces without having to interact with the VRs.