July 2021

To our Tangram 3DS Friends,

If you’ve never produced a professional marketing video before, the process can seem daunting – there are a lot of moving parts that demand thoughtful and precise coordination – but when executed with skill and creativity the result is a powerful cross-platform marketing tool that instantly engages your audience.

Our goal at Tangram 3DS is to make your experience with film production as seamless and successful as possible, so we put together a short video that breaks down our collaborative process, step-by-step. You can see the end result of this process in our recent marketing video for 100 Staples Drive.

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Stefan Vittori

When potential tenants see your property they shouldn’t see glass and concrete and stone. They should see growth and solutions for their business. That’s why our first step is to work alongside you to craft a direct and compelling narrative that tells the story of your property’s potential. Concise storyboards and carefully planned shot lists are the cornerstone of a successful production and with these tools in hand you can be sure our expert videographers and photographers will capture your property at its most captivating.

Even when the shoots are complete, rough cuts approved, graphics and animations integrated, we know we’re only about halfway there. With decades of combined experience, not to mention mastery of the latest high-performance tools and software, our team of artists don’t just bring your project across the finish line, they make sure it’s out in front with world-class effects, fine-tuned adjustments, and pristine editing.

Whether you’re thinking about adding video to your marketing portfolio or you’re a seasoned producer with numerous reels under your belt, we are ready to help bring your project to life with our expert film and photography services.

One of the greatest benefits of producing a multi-faceted marketing package with a full-service, boutique studio like Tangram 3DS is that we travel with your project through multiple stages of development. That was certainly the case with this recent marketing video for 100 Staples Drive, completed with our partners at Calare Properties, Inc.

We got to know 100 Staples Drive inside and out by producing stunning renderings, animated VR walkthroughs, and aerial drone video and photography. So, when it was time to produce the final marketing piece, we were already deeply familiar with the property.

This meant we could hit the ground running and made for a seamless and efficient working relationship. As Eve Szerlip, our partner at Calare Properties, Inc. says:

Tangram was a pleasure to work with on the marketing video for 100 Staples Drive. The team struck the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the final product. Can’t wait to work with Tangram again soon!

We love building relationships like this, working with new and returning partners alike and using our passion and drive to help bring projects to life.

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With skill and imagination, a tangram puzzle can be rearranged into hundreds of different shapes. We apply the same ingenuity and vision to bring your project to life.

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