July 2022

To our Tangram 3DS Friends,

When the work you do is so dependent on cutting-edge software and emerging technology, it’s easy to fall prey to the idea that having the latest tech is what enables you to produce the greatest work. And while we here at Tangram 3DS do love our high-powered machines – we even build them ourselves – we also understand that the real lynchpins for building anything that succeeds, from a super-powered PC to a long-standing business, are the determined, thoughtful, and passionate people holding the tools.

Whether building new connections, stronger relationships, or literal buildings, we always keep in mind that at the core of all these things are real people and that real people enable our success, drive our passion, and shape our communities.

If you have a vision for your project, please get in touch so we can help you start building.

Thanks for your interest and support.

Stefan Vittori

Rising up in Chicago’s West Loop is this proposed tower at 640 W Washington. Designed by our partners at Chicago-based firm Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture, this new construction will transform a static parcel, currently a surface-level parking lot, into an active community with over 400 residential units and more than 8,000 SQ FT of ground-floor retail space.

The design for 640 W Washington exceeds modern sustainability requirements and will provide EV charging stations, ample bicycle parking, and green roof space. New publicly accessible pedestrian paths and an internal auto court will bolster the pedestrian-friendly nature of this thriving Chicago neighborhood where more and more people are choosing to live, work, and play.

We’ve been working on some large-scale concept renderings for our partners at Brookfield Properties. These high-level exterior renderings lay out a vibrant mixed-use development in what is currently an outdated office block, with a focus on a repurposed and renovated residential tower. These concepts not only help envision a future neighborhood but also play a part in directing the overall architecture and construction of a development. Producing conceptual renderings during the early stages of design enables developers to weed out issues that, if not identified at the outset, can put a project on a costly, even indefinite hold after it’s submitted to planning boards.

Case in point: in initial design discussions for this residential block, it was proposed to wrap the entire exterior in a seamless glass facade. While certainly striking and a highly desirable detail for any residential tower, it was determined that the added cost for such a feature would be cost-prohibitive for the residential market this building will cater to. Our team takes revisions like these and quickly turns around updated renderings so that the development team can consider the changes, make informed decisions, and keep their project moving toward the next milestone.

A lot of the work we produce could be called “aspirational” – designer materials, high-end furnishings, and impeccable landscapes are meant to dazzle and inspire viewers and drum up interest in properties that have yet to break ground. But, for all the polished finishings and golden-hour scenes, it’s important to remember that our goal is to help you make your vision a reality because your completed project is meant to be a real place for real people.

At the end of August our Creative Director Jared Foley will be traveling to Vienna, Austria to attend the D2 Conference, one of the largest gatherings of 3D artists from around the world. The return of this in-person two day event presents a remarkable opportunity for Jared to represent Tangram 3DS and to connect with other industry-leading 3D artists, learn about the latest trends in 3D architectural visualization, and explore emerging technologies that are transforming the way we create and interact with 3D art.

Thoughtfully organized by and for 3D artists, the D2 Conference is a whirlwind weekend packed with panels, workshops, live modelling battles, and, of course, plenty of the best beer and food Vienna has to offer. We’re so glad that Tangram 3DS will be there to engage and celebrate with the D2 attendees and we couldn’t be more excited about the return of this annual summer event.

We are pleased to welcome Kyle Ouellette to the Tangram 3DS team as a Project Manager and Architectural Visualizer. Kyle is a native Mainer with over eight years of experience as a 3D artist and producer, most recently at Wayfair. Kyle was drawn to Tangram 3DS because of our studio’s collaborative approach. We can’t wait for you to see how Kyle can help bring your vision to life.
Tangram 3DS continues to enjoy a healthy growth in business, thanks to the success and trust of our clients as well as the world-class work we are known for producing. As such, we are looking to expand our team even further. We are on the lookout for the next Senior Visualization Artist that will join the Tangram 3DS team either at our headquarters in Kittery, Maine or at our mid-west office in Columbus, Ohio. If you know someone who would be a great fit for what we do (and no one knows what we do better than our clients), encourage them to go to our website and upload a resume.
We hope we’ll be introducing even more creative partners in the near future and look forward to building even stronger relationships with our clients.

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With skill and imagination, a tangram puzzle can be rearranged into hundreds of different shapes. We apply the same ingenuity and vision to bring your project to life.

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