June 2021, Senior Living

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We’ve been doing a lot of work in a real estate market that goes by a number of names: independent senior living, senior housing, assisted living, continuing care. There’s a reason for the multitude of terms and it’s not just marketing jargon: these properties have to fulfill a lot of roles for a variety of residents. For developers the challenge is to incorporate the amenities of a luxury hotel, the adaptability to meet a range of resident needs and, above all, the thoughtful, compassionate planning and design that elevates a property from facility to community. Read on to see how we brought our signature creative and technical expertise to these multi-faceted projects.

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Diverse Spaces as Unique as Their Residents

All of these senior living projects, in particular ones recently completed for our partners at National Development, declare their own unique personality through thoughtful architectural, landscape, and interior design while boasting similar five-star amenities and levels of care. From vivid mid-century style in Lexington, boutique urban living in Boston, timeless sophistication in White Plains, and countryside chic in Stamford, our work brings these properties to life and encourages a broad range of tenants to imagine their own luxury lifestyles and picture what these properties could be: home.

We Are Your Creative Partners

Dynamic Content for Flexible Marketing

Senior living communities must maintain multiple tiers of independent and assisted living accommodations. Adaptability is crucial when meeting the needs of residents whose requirements for care can change daily as well as over the span of months and years. Our renderings and videos underscore this remarkable flexibility by featuring outdoor and indoor pools, dedicated fitness centers, big and bright lobbies and lounges, and dining spaces that cater to every type of gathering from private celebrations with family and friends to the everyday meals that build and foster community. These spaces are perfectly designed to provide as much, or indeed as little, professional care as residents desire to sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Let Us Help You Visualize the Future

These senior living projects pull together a number of Tangram’s services, including interactive 360 VRs like the one above, completed for our partners at Perkins Eastman. These 360s are a great marketing tool that provide a cutting-edge viewer experience and a user-friendly entry point. Just a simple web link brings prospective tenants to a browser-based VR tour that works out of the box and looks spectacular on any device and is easily shared through social feeds, blogs, emails, and any other marketing platform you can think of.

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