March 2021

To our Tangram 3DS Friends,

When Tangram was founded over 18 years ago, virtual reality was mostly relegated to the sidelines of interactive design as a nerdy novelty for only the most tech-savvy to tinker with. Well, VR has long outgrown the label of “emerging technology” and, especially now, should be seriously considered for any real estate marketing package. Allow me to shine a spotlight on the VR work that we do here at Tangram and I think you’ll quickly realize that VR can be the solution for multiple marketing challenges – and make sure to check out our short video to see how our process works.

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Stefan Vittori

Let Us  Help You Visualize the Future

Experience a New Kind of Real Estate Presentation

Even before the pandemic completely upended how we all communicate and conduct business, Tangram saw the need for a simple but engaging platform for virtual real estate presentations, so we built the REview app. This browser-based solution is a robust, one-stop real estate marketing platform (check out the live demo here – it’s especially cool on a smartphone). Interactive 360 tours with on-the-fly fitout options, promotional videos, PDF downloads, floorplans, image galleries, agent listings, you name it – everything is instantly at hand without leaving your custom-branded VR space. And with native browser functionalty on desktops and smartphones alike, your properties can be explored by prospects any time from anywhere. Check out our REview deck to learn how we can build your custom VR application.

We Are Your Creative Partners

Discover cutting-edge vr solutions

Our free eBook is packed with tips on how you can put VR to work for your projects, as well as insights from industry titans like Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg about how VR is perfectly positioned to be an enormous disruptor in the real estate industry. Our collaborative workflow makes the VR process effortless and our world-class expertise and artistry delivers a finished product that is meticulous in detail and stunning in scope.

We Help Bring Your Vision to Life

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