May, 2022

To our Tangram 3DS Friends,

In our line of work there are a lot of creative questions that we must answer. When we collaborate with our partners we explore dozens of options for composition, color, lighting, texture, typeface – the choices seem limitless. That’s why we ask one question at the outset: what’s the story? The story should shape all creative decisions and an effective story will shape the way we think about what is being presented.

Consider all the marketing assets and tools that we offer to be different paths that converge at one final destination. The ultimate goal is an effective message delivered through a meaningful connection. Whether it’s a rendering, video, VR tour, website – our creative solutions are methods of communication and we are storytellers.

So as you explore some of our recent work below, I encourage you to think of your projects and goals and answer one deceptively simple question – what story do you want to tell?

When you find the answer please get in touch so we can help bring your vision to life.

Thanks for your interest and support.

Stefan Vittori

If you’ve ever spent time in downtown Portsmouth, NH then you have likely seen the work of architect Tracy Kozak. As part of the team at JSA Design, Tracy worked on a number of iconic and instantly-recognizable properties in one of New Hampshire’s most historic towns. Now, as Founding Principal at ARCove Architects, Tracy continues to build an impressive portfolio that reflects her elevated design aesthetic and thoughtful consideration for historic preservation and sustainability.

We were proud to work with ARCove Architects to create a teaser animation for a proposed rehabilitation of 1 Congress Street in the very heart of downtown Portsmouth. Tracy’s goal is for the architecture and design of this project to tell a story of “time as shaped by light.” We think that our animation stays true to that vision and helps to tell just such a story.

When our partners at Oxford Properties wanted to entice a particular potential tenant with a rooftop property unlike anything else in Boston, they came to us to create a unique visual story with a quick turnaround time. We are adept at creating scenes of striking depth and dramatic mood, often from whole-cloth and that was the case for this property at 225 Franklin Street.
We were asked to fully design and stage an outdoor space more typical of the Big Apple than Beantown – grassy rooftop landscaping encourages lounging, a firepit invites gathering, and a bocce court fosters camaraderie (as well as a little playful competition). We delivered a distinct and impressive package and are certain that any tenant looking to stand out from the pack with rooftop amenities unmatched anywhere else in Boston would be captivated by the story these renderings tell.

You may have seen some of our previous collaborations with Sam Ximenes, founder of both Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc) and the non-profit WEX Foundation. It’s always thrilling to work with Mr. Ximenes because it means we get to be involved with some of the most innovative space research and design taking place today. There are cosmically big things on the horizon for both the WEX Foundation and XArc. We can’t reveal all the details but we can share with you an early trailer for a video that we are producing to help introduce the WEX Foundation to a wide audience.

The engineers and educators at the non-profit WEX Foundation know that the future is now. When they’re not at work designing revolutionary space architecture or developing cutting-edge plans for lunar cave exploration, they’re encouraging a new generation of aerospace innovators to solve real-world (and off-world) engineering problems.

Through Space-STEM education the volunteer scientists, engineers, and educators at the WEX Foundation ignite a passion for space exploration and help traditionally underserved communities of students forge a career path in aerospace fields. And the educational frameworks that the WEX Foundation uses aren’t just clever brain-building exercises – the students at the WEX Foundation are doing practical experimental research that can help to shed light on actual space engineering hurdles.

Our teaser video offers a glimpse at XArc’s LEAP2 project, which is focused on long-term human settlement on the moon and which serves as one of the educational frameworks at WEX. Awe and optimism abound as the lunar development site is revealed, as the robotic construction of a domed lunar outpost progresses, and as the students of WEX build, explore, and experiment. This video is a story of emerging technologies, innovative thinking, and the uncharted, revolutionary future that’s possible if we foster curiosity, cooperation, and opportunity in a new generation that will forge ahead on humanity’s journey into the wider cosmos. Sometimes the best stories are the ones yet to be written.

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