Meet Tangram’s Creative Director, Jared Foley

Jared Foley, our director of visualization, vividly remembers his first animation as a lead visualizer for Tangram 3DS: he sat at his desk for 39 hours to finish it. “It was for Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts,” Jared says. “They wanted an animated fly-through of the project. It’s the first time I’ve ever worked through the night.”

Fortunately, Jared doesn’t pull many all-nighters. He now supervises our talented staff of animation artists, working in partnership with Rick Knight, managing director of our Columbus, Ohio, office.

A native of Portsmouth, NH, Jared’s interest in computers and art started in a computer lab at Portsmouth Middle School. “My homeroom teacher ran the computer lab. We had Macromedia Flash—a really old program now—and I taught myself how to use it. That got me into digital art,” he says.

Press Herald Coverage of Tangram 3DS

Creative Director Jared Foley, working on a 3D project that incorporates one of his favorite subjects to model: cars.

From there Foley experimented with computer modeling fighter jets, then cars; he knew he’d found his career path. At Champlain College in Vermont, he majored in in video game development and tweaked his major so he could experiment with pre-rendering work. After joining Tangram as an intern in 2006, after his freshman year of college, he became one of our lead modelers, working with us every summer through graduation. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in 2009, he freelanced for several firms then joined Tangram fulltime in 2011.

One of Jared’s super skills is photography. He’s taken to the air multiple times to capture just the right angle for client projects, working from a helicopter flying overhead. Earlier this year, he flew down to Reston, Virginia, to capture footage of Brookfield Properties’ Halley Rise, one of our most complex projects to date. “It’s a large mixed-use development and we developed animations, renderings and video featuring specific retailers so our client could show retailers how those spaces would look,” he says.

Jared talks regularly with our clients to ensure that all renderings and visualizations meet their goals (at any time the team can be working on up to 30 projects). He and Rick keep an open phone line between our Maine and Ohio offices to discuss projects—and occasionally break down the latest New England Patriots game. No matter what the task, Jared is on it. And, fortunately, not losing sleep.

Press Herald Coverage of Tangram 3DS

Jared is a master of his craft, not just behind the desk but at the helm of the Tangram grill as well. Anything for the team, right Jared?

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