Meet the Team: Kyle Ouellette

"The outcome of the product is fantastic. It was a great experience. Tangram 3DS was a super thoughtful, cooperative team that worked really hard to create the best product that truly represented the property and our vision so that our customers could see the potential of the space. They helped us tell the story of Olympic Tower and allowed our customers to imagine what could be. We look forward to showing it off!"

Jane Doe
VP of Important Things
Important Things, INC

"What drives my creativity is the promise that I might channel some beauty from the universe surrounding me and make something new from my point of view."

Kyle Ouellette

Project Manager & Senior Visualizer

When Kyle joined Tangram 3DS in 2022, it was immediately apparent that he was a perfect fit for our team. His extensive experience with 3D visualization, especially his deep understanding of lighting and texture techniques, meant he was instantly able to pick up projects and run with them. But, more importantly, Kyle's energy, his respect for others' ideas and feedback, and his indefatigable optimism and good humor, perfectly meshed with our company culture.

And, like the rest of the Tangram 3DS team, Kyle loves what he does. "The opportunity to work as a professional artist is such a trip, I try not to lose sight of that amid the whirlwind of life, career, and everything in between. It's incredibly gratifying to work on projects that allow me to challenge myself; I can look at a render and ask what is this missing that will convince the brain into thinking that it's real? Sometimes it is a trick of the light or just the right amount of grunge but unlocking that puzzle is a joy."


When Kyle came on board, he hit the ground running and within a matter weeks he became an integral member of the team. To Kyle, being part of the Tangram team means always pushing forward and testing the limits of our skills and creativity. "Tangram's team is always open to learning from one another and sharing techniques," he points out. "The tight-knit community is so important, we keep each other honest and push each other to always improve."

When it comes to building community, Kyle knows a thing or two - one of his first orders of business was to establish an after-hours office D&D campaign. It's a testament to Kyle's enthusiasm, organization, and friendly-but-disciplined managerial style that he was able to wrangle a group of creatives into the same place at the same time, teach them a lengthy and deeply esoteric system of rules, and keep them so engaged that they return week after week (hint: pizza helps).

Kyle's talents are as vast and impressive as his ambition and imagination. His creative agility empowers him to take on many roles, from published author and world-class visualizer, to Dungeon Master.

Kyle brings those exact same qualities to his work as both a visualizer and a project manager. Our partners love collaborating with Kyle because his work is outstanding, he communicates openly and honestly, and it is obvious that he puts earnest and judicious consideration into every step of his process. He's also a bit of a Renaissance man - he brings not only visual artistry to the team, but editorial and voice acting skills as well. He penned an in-depth article for 3D World Magazine exploring how firms like Tangram 3DS are helping the space exploration industry reach their goals, and soon we'll be featuring his voice-acting in our marketing videos (stay tuned!).

All creative endeavors benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach. We encourage that professional journey here in the office, and Kyle picked up on it right away. "I appreciate how much crossover knowledge I gain from working closely with video, architecture, and design," he says. "Tangram's culture of dedication to quality of work, reputation, and client satisfaction is something I deeply admire and am proud to be a part of." Right back at ya, Kyle!

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