October 2020

To Our tangram 3ds friends and clients,

We’ve got a lot to celebrate this month. Our production artist Cole Kuehl has been promoted to the position of Senior Visualizer (check out some of Cole’s work to see why this promotion is well-earned). We’re also celebrating the 9-year anniversary of Rick Knight, Managing Director of our Columbus office. Rick’s talents know no bounds and his endless reserves of energy are sure to come in handy now that he has welcomed a new baby into his family!

Finally, Tangram itself passed the milestone of 17 years in business. I know that the key to our longevity is a balance between a dedicated team of artists and trusted partnerships with clients who appreciate the value of the creative work we do. So to both the team here at Tangram and to you, let me extend my gratitude for an amazing 17 years and here’s to many more productive years to come.

Thank you for your continued interest in our work. Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Vimeo.

Please contact me if you have any projects that could benefit from our services.

Stefan Vittori

Let Us  Help You Visualize the Future

Luxury Office Renovations in Midtown

Marx Realty is embarking on a multi-million dollar renovation of 545 Madison Avenue in partnership with Studios Architecture. Marx Realty is known for reshaping the modern office experience, with interiors and amenities much closer to a luxury hotel than your typical office building. We produced 360 walkthroughs of proposed renovated spaces, including a stunning lobby with rich wood interiors and brass finishes, and open, airy, glass-walled office spaces featuring unique amenities like a communal café area.

“Tangram’s ability to adjust and adapt to our often shifting approach was an invaluable resource from start to finish.”

– Joe Whalen, Communication & Outreach Coordinator, TBEP

An Epic Overhaul for a Wide-Ranging Website

We were very excited when the Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP) chose Tangram, out of a nationwide pool of applicants, to rebuild their expansive website. The TBEP, established through the EPA in 1991, works diligently to make their estuary a place for all to enjoy, with cleaner waters, thriving habitats, and abundant wildlife.

Prior to bringing Tangram on board, the TBEP’s online presence was fragmented between an aging, public-facing site and a technical repository site. The TBEP wanted to bring all their resources together, making their impressive research, grant opportunities, and public outreach efforts all available from one portal that could hold everything together while looking clean and being easy to navigate.

Tangram worked in close partnership with the TBEP staff to create this modern site that is both fun to explore as a new visitor and quick to navigate as a returning scientist or board member. We gave TBEP a new interactive calendar, an extensive and searchable library for their research database, and a scalable framework for their educational tools that can continue to grow along with the TBEP as they continue to do their important work for the benefit of everyone living in the Tampa Bay region.

With skill and imagination, a tangram puzzle can be rearranged into hundreds of different shapes. We apply the same ingenuity and vision to bring your project to life.

Imagine What We Can Do For You

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