Portsmouth Design Concept

Portsmouth, NH is an incredible coastal town, boasting world-class restaurants, premiere shopping boutiques, and diverse artistic and cultural venues. As such, tourism and hospitality are major industries for this historic New England port. As you can imagine, it has become vitally important for the city, in conjunction with local businesses, to plan and prepare for a new normal in a post-Covid world.

To this end Tangram 3DS, as part of the collaborative Portsmouth Design Professionals Alliance, created multiple renderings illustrating possible re-configurations of public spaces within the heart of Portsmouth’s iconic downtown area. These creative solutions transform quaint sidewalks and streets into communal spaces where the public can gather safely to enjoy dining and shopping, and where our beloved downtown businesses can continue to thrive as the backbone of the local economy.

Client: The Portsmouth Design Professionals Alliance

Portsmouth, NH

View the Portsmouth Design Concept Workbook PDF

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