7 Real Estate Video Ideas That Will Transform Your Presentation

On the one hand, a real estate video—in itself—is a major upgrade over still, flat photographs or renderings of a property. However, there are several advancements in architectural visualization that can push the envelope much farther.  We’ve assembled seven real estate video ideas that could completely transform your next presentation.  And they’re easier to accomplish than you may think.

7 Cutting-Edge Real Estate Video Ideas:

1. Virtual Reality (VR) 3D Visualizations

real estate video ideas

Consider how this same technology could upgrade your project pitch or design presentation with an interactive, immersive experience.  A large-scale VR visualization of photorealistic 360 panoramic renderings can show your clients what it would be like to stand on site of buildings that haven’t been built—and give them the ability to control the first-person perspective.  The VR tour could include multiple “scenes,” each from a unique vantage point (perhaps from clickable thumbnails at the bottom of the screen), to show off the best features of your proposal or design for the space.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) “Hybrid” 3D Visualizations

AR takes real-world content and overlays virtual elements on top of it.  If you’re working on a redesign, new addition, or finishing an empty space, this is perfect for a before-and-after style immersive presentation. You could assemble a version of the video footage or 360 visuals with hyper-realistic, virtual, 3D elements added in, turning drab or empty box rooms into rich, purposeful spaces. This is both cheaper and faster than staging or physically completing the space.

It’s even possible to superimpose a virtual building onto overhead drone panoramas or video footage of the real site. This blend of VR presentation and true-to-life imagery is as realistic as real estate video ideas can get.

3. Clickable, Embedded Collateral

The possibilities here are limitless. Put all of your marketing collateral in one place—a self-contained, all-inclusive presentation. Your real estate 360 video tour or VR visualization could incorporate clickable digital elements placed (and labeled) wherever they’re most relevant. Include PDFs of brochures and sell sheets, buttons that activate “live” audio narration, links to external websites (such as Google maps for the location), or embedded promotional videos.

4. Photorealistic Animations and Sensory Elements

real estate video ideas

Immersive, realistic animations and sensory elements can really dress up a virtual tour of a space.  Add slice-of-life, site-appropriate foot traffic, weather elements, background talking, birds, the sound of ocean waves, or sun flares that twinkle as the camera moves.  A simple digital rendering truly comes to life with the addition of ambient motion and sound.

5. 360-Degree Video Tours

If a free-spinning, full-surround 3D rendering isn’t realistic enough for your video presentation, you can film a full video tour with a 360-degree camera and assemble an interactive video presentation.  The viewer can control their perspective while the tour moves through the space, just like they would in real life.  Add recorded audio narration to simulate a live tour experience.

6. Real-Time Design Alternatives

Collaborate with the client’s interior designers to gather a few personalized real estate video ideas. Then build out your presentation with the ability to swap designs at will during the live VR or AR experience. Branding, logos, colors, materials, decor, and more can be adjusted with a simple click to show off design alternatives.

7. A Shared VR Experience

real estate video ideas

We tend to think of VR headsets as personal experiences.  Tangram 3DS uses simple technology that allows you to share that experience with everyone in the room.  Guide a presentation of 360 space in which everyone can see what the person wearing the goggles is seeing. This interactive, immersive group experience will deliver the most hands-on digital presentation possible!

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