Senior Living

Our work on projects in the senior living real estate market underscores the immense flexibility and diversity of architectural, interior, and landscape designs to be found within the market. Not to mention the impressive standards of luxury to be found in the numerous amenities offered at these developments. These properties are not merely “facilities” but are truly committed to serving as a foundation of community for a population of residents with diverse lifestyles.

Photo-realistic renderings show off five-star amenities like heated indoor pools, impeccably designed common areas and living spaces, and gourmet dining and kitchen facilities. Our videos take the viewer on tours of the properties from sky-high aerial views of the surrounding landscapes, to VR walkthroughs of the properties, to live-action clips highlighting the many services offered by the properties (we even recruited local residents and staff for some of the footage!). Our ability to adapt to client needs and our variety of expert-level creative services perfectly positions us for dynamic and detailed projects like these.

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