September 2020

To our Tangram 3DS Friends,

I’m very excited to share two of Tangram’s recent projects with you. These two projects perfectly highlight the impressive variety of skills and talents our team brings to every project including, in this case, even acting! Whatever your project requires, and whatever role you need us to play, we are always ready for action.

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Stefan Vittori

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A Commercial Vibe for a Vibrant Space

JLL Boston sought our services to create a marketing video with a “commerical” vibe to promote this mixed-use property in Charlestown’s desirable City Square. In addition to on-location filming, editing, post-production and motion graphics, we also created the 3D tenant fit-out spaces as well as the “before and after” 360 panoramas for the video.

Location filming can be a challenge, and in this case even more so as the shoot took place in the early days of the pandemic. It’s a testament to the efficiency and expertise of our Director of Film and Motion, Marc Fagan, that he was able to complete the shoot while remaining vigilant about both the safety of the cast and crew as well as the expectations of the client.

Keep an eye out for minute 00:47 and you’ll catch a glimpse of our Senior Visualizer, Cole Kuehl, playing the part of your friendly neighborhood barista. That smile is no act: Cole brings positivity and professionalism to every project in which he’s involved. Behind the scenes, Cole was responsible for creating the 360 panoramas for this video. His impeccable eye for design is apparent in the high-end finishes you see on the furnishings, walls, and flooring of the spaces.

This project really showcases the incredible range of talents we have here at Tangram 3DS, and we couldn’t be more proud of the end result.

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