September 2022

To our Tangram 3DS Friends,

Standing out in a hyper-competitive real estate market in (perhaps) the most famous city on the planet is a daunting task. Gorgeous renderings go a long way but with the proliferation of talented artists in the arch viz world, sometimes that’s not enough to set your project apart. That’s where we come in. We offer complete marketing packages of which renderings are but one key component – think world-class video production, 360 VR tours, animated walkthroughs, and full-service branding, graphic, and web design.

Our work in the NYC market represents a collection of projects as dynamic, innovative, and impressive as the city itself. They are also a testament to the advantage of partnering with a studio like Tangram 3DS that collaborates closely with you on your project, has a diverse creative team that can handle all of your marketing needs, and will deliver a spectacular library of assets that will raise your project to the next level.

If you have a project that could use next-level marketing, please get in touch so we can help bring your vision to life.

Imagine What We Can Do For You

Our partners at Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT) boast a staggering collection of amenities spaces throughout New York and when they wanted to showcase some standout properties they came to us. Our work on these projects, including renderings, 360s, animations, and a full marketing video, puts the spotlight on ESRT’s one-of-a-kind offerings like a multi-sport court in the Empire State Building, a rooftop terrace on Broadway with an unbeatable view, and flexible work and meeting spaces in the heart of Manhattan.

We Help Bring Your Vision to Life

We’ve partnered with L3 Capital on a number of pieces in their growing New York portfolio. The Williamsburg Collection is an impressive array of properties spanning entire stretches of Brooklyn’s fastest-growing and eternally-hip Williamsburg neighborhood. After producing a number of renderings for individual properties, we worked with L3 Capital to unite the properties in a series of expansive and beautiful street-level elevations. A singular and stunning marketing asset, the Williamsburg Collection elevations boldly stake L3 Capital’s claim to some of the hottest real estate in the country and firmly establish their position as a leader in this market.

As L3 Capital’s Williamsburg Collection continues to flourish and evolve, we look forward to working alongside them to bring even more of this neighborhood to life with innovative and eye-catching marketing assets.

We Are Your Creative Partners

Our partners at Madison Capital approached us to create a promotional video that captures the unique personality of Liberty Bklyn. Located along the waterfront of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, this expansive property is evolving into a vibrant, modern space for office, retail, dining, and even New York’s largest working rooftop farm.

Our Director of Film & Motion, Marc Fagan, traveled to Brooklyn to manage all aspects of the shoot: coordinating with site and local building owners, working with our drone pilot to capture stunning aerial skyline footage, and filming interior sequences that showcase the vibrancy of the existing spaces and amenities and underscore their leasing potential.

With a tight timeline and several rounds of revisions, we delivered an engaging marketing video thanks to our team’s many years of production, editing, and motion graphics experience. Take a look at the finished video and see for yourself the type of engaging content that Tangram 3DS can help you create for your next marketing campaign.

We Are Your All-In-One-Creative Studio

Olympic Tower is a prestigious property in the heart of Manhattan and we were brought on board to craft a comprehensive marketing package for two exclusive Fifth Avenue office spaces. Tangram 3DS collaborated with Oxford Properties and the interior design experts at Vocon to bring together an impressive array of marketing assets: renderings and animations, 360 tours, a film-quality promotional video, all-new branding, and a fully redesigned website. You can check out all the work in our Olympic Tower case study.

We helped to visualize a build out of over 8,000 sqft of luxury office space that boasts 20ft tall ceilings and glass perimeter walls framing the remarkable views overlooking St. Patricks Cathedral, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center’s Channel Gardens.

360 VR tours of the offices showcase the abundance of rich, natural materials, as well as the thoughtful design and layout of each room. The delineation of space is organic as well as sophisticated and, as a whole, each floor strikes a perfect balance between high-end luxury and textural warmth.

Bringing together first-class aerial and ground location footage, a layered soundtrack, and pristine 3D animations, our expert video team created a cinematic marketing asset that instantly sets a mood and establishes Olympic Tower as a world-class property of uncommon prestige. The effectiveness of a polished video like this cannot be overstated and our partners at Oxford were as thrilled as we were with the finished piece. Check out the full version on our YouTube page.

A fresh brand identity, complete with logo, typography, iconography, and color palette was essential to effectively market these one-of-a-kind spaces. Our graphic design team crafted a full branding package that reflects the sleek and vibrant personality of this Fifth Avenue property: a dynamic blend of high-end fashion, luxury retail, world-reknowned cuisine, and landmark New York architectural history. With the brand established, we built a modern, responsive website that stays true to the bold and elegant visual language created for Olympic Tower.

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With skill and imagination, a tangram puzzle can be rearranged into hundreds of different shapes. We apply the same ingenuity and vision to bring your project to life.

Imagine What We Can Do For You

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