How to Show, Sell, & Lease With an Immersive Real Estate VR Tour

VR (virtual reality) has been a significant disruptor in both the commercial and residential real estate industries over the last decade. The ability to show, sell, and lease spaces with real estate VR tours—especially during a period like this pandemic—is an X-factor that can’t be matched by traditional marketing tools. Goldman Sachs has said that “the value proposition of a VR home listing ad can significantly outweigh that of an online ad.” The reasons why are clear:

  • — It’s an interactive and engaging format
  • — The experience simulates an on-site visit more closely than still photos
  • — Real estate VR listings make you unique—they’re a brand differentiator

The potential upsides extend far beyond advertising, too. While the value of embedded real estate VR tours in online listings is widely recognized, few companies have fully committed to the format for other purposes, such as:

  • — Redesign proposals
  • — Town meeting pitches
  • — Individual remote showings
  • — Remodeling projects
  • — Staged previews of bare or unfinished spaces
  • — Guided group tours from off-site
  • — Personalized, branded tours of a tenant’s company in preoccupied space

Consider taking the below steps to get the most out of VR tours while showing, selling, and leasing both residential and commercial properties.

How to Use Real Estate VR Tours

SHOWING With Real Estate VR

Showing a space is all about pathos—an appeal to emotion. You want your buyer to feel connected to the property and visualize themselves owning, living, or working within it. Your chances of closing the deal directly correlate to how comfortable, inspiring, and visually exciting the space looks to the client.

It’s well worth the investment to endow real estate VR tours with photorealistic 3D animations and ambient sounds to show your client what the space looks like at its best—the way they want to use or see it.  An office building could be populated by busy professionals appropriate to the client’s industry, sipping coffee as they walk and talk through public areas. A courtyard could have crystal blue skies and a realistic lens flare from the sun, with birds chirping in the background. You can even include brand signage that pertains to the prospect.

A fully realized VR tour even empowers you to give showings if the space is unfinished, in need of remodeling, or inaccessible on account of social distancing (due to COVID-19).

SELLING With Real Estate VR

Close the deal with an offer they ‘can’t refuse.’ A real estate VR tour is an all-in-one asset that travels with your sales team.  It’s convenient, accessible, shareable, and lives on after the showing. Use this to your advantage by embedding all of your marketing and sales collateral into a single, compelling hub of interactive information.  You might incorporate floating labels in related areas of the tour with clickable links and downloadable content, such as:

  • — Interesting trivia about the location
  • — Sell sheet PDFs
  • — Links to promotional videos
  • — Audio buttons that activate area-relevant voice narration
  • — A link to the Google Maps location

These components make everything easy to access and neatly packaged in a self-contained, sharp-looking, truly interactive sales experience.

LEASING With Real Estate VR

Lease or rental property owners hope for smooth transitions from lease to lease with minimal time spent hunting for new tenants.  However, tenants of leased space feel less attached than they would to a space they’ve bought, mortgaged, or built themselves. This leads to a common lease conundrum: how does one effectively (and frequently) market occupied space?

A real estate VR tour provides a consistent, always-accessible asset that can show off a beautifully staged, unoccupied space in a way that removes any bias towards the current tenant’s industry or style.  With a little personalization, the VR tour could even be staged with branded or customer-specific furnishings. 3D visualizations and animations are far more flexible and cheaper than moving physical staging materials in and out of a space in between tenants. Best of all, the space can be shown before the previous tenant has left, whenever it’s convenient.

It’s not hard to get started on assembling a high-quality VR tour, either. Tangram 3DS is an internationally recognized 3D visualization studio that gives you rapid turnaround and close, one-on-one attention to detail. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you!

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