Tangram 3DS to be Featured in Architecture in Perspective 35

Kittery-based Tangram 3DS was founded by Stefan Vittori—one of the earliest adopters of arch viz technology—back in 2003. What began as a one-man 3D architectural rendering studio has grown into a diverse, talented team that creates interactive presentation and marketing solutions for clients across the arch viz industry.

The studio holds a wide portfolio of artistic and creative products, from photorealistic 3D renderings to augmented reality (AR) photography and 360-degree virtual reality (VR) tours. Clients have relied on Tangram for almost two decades of compelling and immersive visual experiences that excite the imagination and turn vision into reality. They’ve been recognized time and again for their diverse work, primarily using 3ds Max with numerous specialized software plugins, on projects ranging from natural and hyper-real to awestriking and aspirational.

The most recent honor on Tangram’s long list of accomplishments is their selection for the 35th Annual Architecture in Perspective catalog and exhibition.

A Place of Honor in Arch Viz

Tangram 3DS has been awarded the prestigious Rendering Award of Excellence from the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI). Their stunning work on William’s Inn will now be featured in Architecture and Perspective 35, as one of only seventy-three pieces selected from around the globe.

The William’s Inn rendering project showed the structure through all four seasons in a series of matched perspectives. Senior Architectural Visualizer Patrick Spencer, the lead artist on this project, particularly enjoyed the creative challenge of balancing artistic needs with technical requirements.  As Spencer said, it was “quite a process to get the landscaping to match what the clients wanted but also keep it looking natural through each of the seasons.” Indeed, this back-and-forth iteration process is what he credits with the success of the final image.

Recognition of this success from ASAI has made the excitement in their office palpable. After all, Architecture in Perspective has been called the pre-eminent exhibition of architectural illustration in the world. It’s the only comprehensive annual publication of its kind. To be included is a great honor for any arch viz studio, and one that the team at Tangram 3DS does not take lightly.

Gratitude and Acknowledgements

“It makes me feel very proud to see T3DS to receive that award.” Vittori says of the honor from ASAI.  Creative Director Jared Foley adds that “We always strive for the best quality and artistic results, and we constantly adapt to be among the industry leaders.” The studio credits its detail-oriented, collaborative, and customer-centric approach for the creative successes that have earned Tangram 3DS a coveted Rendering Award of Excellence and a place in Architecture in Perspective 35.

The whole team, from Kittery, Maine to Columbus, Ohio, creative talent to executive leadership, would like to thank their fantastic clients for their lasting inspiration. An environment of close teamwork—for nearly 20 years—that has fueled the studio’s imagination from the beginning.  Tangram prides itself on being more than just a 3D visualization studio.  They see themselves as partners with their clients.

This approach is rooted in the Tangram 3DS philosophy that it’s not just the destination that matters, but how you get there. A positive journey multiplies the value of the experience. “We work closely with our clients, conduct extensive background research, and always strive to know their projects inside and out. This allows us to transform their visions and goals into immersive experiences that tell a compelling story,” Vittori says.  He feels deep gratitude to see that hard work paying off.

Perhaps the wheel of time has turned, and a new crop of young companies will now be able to learn from the seventy-three studios featured in Architecture and Perspective 35—including Tangram 3DS.

Excited for What Comes Next

This is another stepping stone for Tangram, but they don’t see it as the summit of their mountain.  The staff, with diverse backgrounds and interests, is excited to take on whatever challenge comes next.

Everyone on the team draws inspiration from unique angles and brings their own strong suit to each project.  Director of VRX Jacques Pena, for example, creates award-winning 3D computer and anime work as an independent artist.  Jared Foley came into the industry through visual effects and 3D animation.  Knight and Vittori both began in architecture. The variety helps the team leverage a broad range of software and custom-cater their work to the style of each project.

It also means they’re eager to learn what more the company’s future could have in store. And so, Tangram 3DS will take a worthy moment to celebrate this grand accomplishment.

Then it’s back to work.

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