Tangram Featured in 3Disciple Magazine

3Disciple Magazine Issue #2, Featuring Tangram 3DS

It’s 2020, and architectural visualization is all grown up.

Over the last decade, archviz has blossomed from a niche service within architecture into a full-fledged industry in its own right. Studios that provide architectural visualizations are now essential to urban planners, property developers, architects, and engineers alike.

Nowhere is this made more apparent than in the advent of 3Disciple, the only archviz industry magazine published in print and digital formats.

3Disciple Turns the Page For the Archviz Industry

The rise of a publication fully devoted to the archviz industry signals a new era for the 3D visualization studios celebrated in its pages. The path that led here paralleled the evolution of 21st-century technology and gaps created in the ever-more-digital market.

Individuals working in architecture and real estate needed a powerful way to show their proposed and existing buildings—realistically and immersively—in a relatively short period. This void was filled by a vibrant (and still growing) industry of digital artists and software specialists, who used sophisticated technologies to master a new visual language, build a community, and revolutionize architectural rendering.

With 3Disciple, that industry has come into its own. This second issue gathers a cross-section of archviz talent, from freelancers to leading brand studios from around the world. Tangram 3DS holds a featured spot on pages 96-98, along with a collection of sweeping renderings created in our studio. 

Several of the artists and studios that have
been featured by 3Disciple Magazine.

What’s inside?

The magazine is populated by stunning color renderings from cover to cover and includes interviews, step-by-step tutorials, and tips from leaders in the industry.

Featured Artists & Studios — Every issue of 3Disciple Magazine will showcase incredible work from solo artists, small teams, and large archviz studios. You’ll learn how they’re using SiNi 3ds Max plugins in their workflow, what inspires them, and where they operate.

Exclusive VIP Interviews — Each issue contains an informal, expert interview on subject matter relevant to the past, present, and future of 3D visualization. The first issue featured the Autodesk 3ds Max team and the second featured Chaos Group.

Tutorials & Tips — Contained within the pages of 3Disciple are industry resources, conference announcements, networking opportunities, 3D software tutorials, and more! Issue #2 included a step-by-step SiNi Software tutorial and source files to help readers learn how to integrate with products from 3rd parties (like Chaos Group).

How did Tangram 3DS get involved?

Tangram 3DS was delighted when Editor in Chief Nigel Hunt approached us about participating in the magazine’s second edition. SiNi software, the magazine’s focal point, is one of the primary toolsets we work with, so we were all too happy to contribute some featured renderings to the piece.

We also love what 3Disciple is doing for the industry—creating a space for us and our colleagues to support, celebrate, share, promote, network, and learn from one another as our industry continues to grow.

For example, the cover of 3Disciple is a competition among contributors (this latest one was blind-judged by featured members of the Women in Archviz Facebook group). This means that every new issue will provide the winning studio with a phenomenal opportunity to bring awareness to their brand. Rotating VIP interviews will bring valuable involvement from major voices with something to give back to the community. We appreciate the chance to get to know some of our colleagues, learn from their work, and share the lessons we have learned in our studio’s work since 2003.

Indeed, Tangram 3DS founder Stefan Vittori was among the earliest adopters of architectural visualization technology (back in the early nineties!). It was an honor to see our work highlighted among some of the most iconic archviz imagery of 2020. Our own studio has learned so much from other archviz businesses over the years, and we’ve cherished this opportunity to inspire industry readers with our work in the same way.

Tangram 3DS is proud to stand alongside the best studios in the world in the June 2020 issue. And we’re even more excited to see what the future brings to 3Disciple.

The cover of 3Disciple Magazine.
The second issue will include Tangram 3DS.

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