Tangram was honored to collaborate with the nonprofit Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame (RIAHOF) and glad to donate our time and resources to complete these detailed renderings of the USS JFK. Intended for use in presentations to the United States Navy that propose transforming the USS JFK into a floating museum, public attraction, and event venue, these photo-realistic renderings illustrate not only the carrier but the surrounding pier and infrastructure of the site location in Narragansett Bay.

This project involved an immense amount of collaboration with various experts and volunteers. In addition, because of the sensitive and official nature of the project, it was crucial that the historic aircraft carrier be rendered with precision and dignity. As the client explains:

Since these renderings were to be used in major presentations to the Navy, the need for accuracy in the way the ship and the pier support facilities were depicted was paramount. That accuracy had to be combined with our vision for the future, resulting in a melding of what will be with what is now….Throughout this process the Tangram 3DS management and technical staff remained calm, helpful and supportive, despite the frustrating number of changes requested, We were also impressed with their accessibility and responsiveness at all hours of the day, seemingly seven days per week.

Frank Lennon
President, Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame/USS John F Kennedy Project

Client: Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame

Newport, RI

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