Vue Orleans

Tangram 3DS partnered with the architects and designers at CambridgeSeven (C7A) to produce renderings for a dynamic and engaging exhibit space on Canal Street in New Orleans. C7A offers some thoughtful insights on the history and pedigree of the building here and you can learn more about the space from Cortina Productions here

CambridgeSeven is collaborating with Cortina Productions to create a new exhibit in New Orleans to celebrate the essence and uniqueness of the city through the lens of the Mississippi River and how it has shaped the landscape, history, and culture of NOLA.

Vue Orleans will engage visitors at the public plaza on Canal Street and invite them on a journey up to the 33rd floor observation deck of the historic Word Trade Center which we are transforming into a new Four Seasons. At the base of the tower, a three-story archway attracts city dwellers from the street with vibrant digital projections of local music and cultural icons. During their elevator ride, visitors will experience a 360-degree, panoramic time-lapse of the city’s development over the past 200 years.

This exhibit will show how New Orleans became the birthplace of multiculturalism in America and celebrate how these cultures blended together to create new forms of music, food, fashion and festivals. A breathtaking film will show how climate change is affecting local wetlands and coastal habitats. Music pods will feature larger-than-life instruments with digital displays for private viewing. For visitors, this is an opportunity to learn about the city’s unique character, its distinct neighborhoods, and landmarks.

With its prominent location along the Mississippi River among other popular destinations, Vue Orleans will serve as a concierge to the city by offering opportunities to learn more about where to go and what to see

Client: 2 Canal owners
Architect/Designer: CambridgeSeven

New Orleans


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