City of Watsonville Virtual Reality

Watsonville, CA | Client: Callander Associates


Tangram 3DS created a set of 360-VR panoramics for City of Watsonville to help residents visualize alternative streetscape design options. To meet their target audience, we included a splash page from which to choose English or Spanish language options, as well as embedded audio files in each VR file explaining the proposed changes.

Virtual Reality

We were asked to create “before and after” 360 VR panorama scenes that can be watched with VR goggles like the Oculus Go as well as on smartphones and with dedicated weblinks. After fully recreating the existing environment, we went above and beyond to add more than just the new design options which were provided by our client. These VRs include several animated components: vehicles, birds, and pedestrian traffic. The sights and sounds interact with the viewers and immerse them into the experience. The city residents will view these VRs and decide which streetscape design they prefer. For that reason, we were asked to embed audio files explaining the changes and we created versions for English and Spanish to meet their target audience.