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Our partnership with Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc) began when founder Sam Ximenes needed high-caliber renderings to match the awe-inspiring nature of the work that XArc was doing. XArc’s Astroport division is a cutting-edge engineering project with a goal of turning moon dust into bricks for building lunar infrastructure. This is just one of the revolutionary space projects that XArc is pursuing and as our partnership with XArc grew, it became clear that Tanram 3DS could provide innovative solutions for a number of XArc’s ambitious marketing goals.

We were first tasked with modernizing the websites for both XArc and WEX Foundation, a non-profit with a mission to develop career-driven Space-STEM curricula for under-served K-12 students. With exciting things on the horizon for both XArc and WEX, it was crucial to build modern, responsive websites so that both organizations could effectively engage with their expanding audiences.

Next we began producing 3D animations to demonstrate exactly how XArc’s revolutionary construction methods will work. Rocket landing pads, robotic lunar reconnaissance missions, and the construction of entire lunar habitats are just some of the 3D animations we created to illustrate the work that XArc is doing.

In order to spread the word about XArc and WEX, Tangram 3DS then produced a series of full-featured videos. These videos entertain and educate the public about XArc and WEX while engaging potential investors and energizing future partners. With professional voice acting, binaural soundtrack effects, and of course the world-class production Tangram 3Ds is known for, this video portfolio is a dynamic summation of what WEX and XArc are all about.

The continued growth of XArc and WEX and their leadership positions led to yet another exciting venture. Both organizations are headquartered at Port San Antonio, a burgeoning technology and innovation campus that is on track to become a national hub of aerospace engineering. With plans in development for a state-of-the-art exhibition hall, WEX wanted to propose an experiential exhibit that would transport visitors to the lunar site where XArc hopes to conduct research and perform construction.

We worked alongside the WEX and XArc teams to dream up a fully immersive exhibit concept complete with a 360 video dome, interactive AR presentations, and even a friendly resident Spot robot from Boston Dynamics. Initially pitched for a pop-up exhibition space, this concept was deemed too enticing to be temporary. We hope we’ll be showing you the next phases of this concept in the near future as our partnership with XArc and WEX continues to flourish.

Client: Exploration Architecture Corporation

San Antonio, Texas

Video Production

3D Animation

Exhibit Concept Design

Web Design

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