XArc & WEX

Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc)
& WEX Foundation (WEX)

San Antonio, Texas
The Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc), which designs space exploration architecture and conducts mission planning, has long had its eye toward the moon and Mars and the potential for expanding humanity’s presence in our solar system. CEO Sam Ximenes, also founder of the non-profit WEX Foundation, engaged with Tangram 3DS to bring to life both his vision for space exploration and his passion for supporting the next generation of space scientists, engineers, and explorers.

The collaborative development of the XArc and WEX projects has its feet in two worlds: visualizing unknown technologies and making those visions feel attainable.

XArc designers and engineers rely on their strong partnership with the team at Tangram 3DS to understand their concepts and translate them into engaging visuals. It's a precise and demanding task, but one the Tangram 3DS team enthusiastically embraces. The 3D animations, and videos we produce for XArc and its subsidiary Astroport Space Technologies are more than flashy visuals: they are meant to animate engineering and robotics concepts that have yet to be tested in a real-world scenario which, in this case, means outer space.

At Tangram 3DS, we get to imagine new things every day and it's what makes our jobs so rewarding. But partnering with XArc and WEX Foundation has taken our imaginations and creative ambitions to a whole new place. Not only are we imagining what new things could be, but how those things could work and in what ways they could shape the trajectory of human history well into the future. No biggie.
Another upshot of partnering with XArc has been that all this space stuff is really cool. We admit it, we really geek out on it. And that's why also getting to work with WEX Foundation was such a privilege. We not only got to flex our creative muscles producing a full-fledged promotional video with voice acting, original score, and literally out-of-this-world visualization, but we got to help bring to life the WEX Foundation collection of websites, the home for programs like LCATS and NWAY which provide real-world space STEM education to traditionally under-served communities of students. If there's one thing that Tangram 3DS shares with both XArc and WEX Foundation it's our joy in sharing our passions with the world.
"With Tangram’s continued excellence in quality productions, I am very proud to have Tangram 3DS as our partner for promoting the WEX/XArc/Astroport mission. As our technology matures, I look forward to...additional space exploration content commissions. I hope that [Tangram 3DS] continues to join with us as we journey into the cosmos together."

Sam Ximenes

Founder and CEO, Exploration Architecture Corporation
Board Chair, WEX Foundation
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