We developed LeasingLens because we recognized a need for an immersive, all-in-one marketing platform that is simple to understand, convenient to use, and flexible enough to meet the needs of the commercial real estate, architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Learn more about what LeasingLens can do below, take it for a spin with a LeasingLens demo and get in touch with us if you're ready to harness LeasingLens for your next project.


Tailored to Your Brand

LeasingLens is customized from top to bottom to your brand guidelines. When visitors see it, they know — it's you.

Scaled to Your Needs

LeasingLens can be as simple or robust as you want. And it was designed to be flexible, so it can expand and evolve as your project does.

Targeted to Your Audience

Whether you want to cast a wide net or zero in on a single prospect with pinpoint precision, LeasingLens will help you tell your story.

Amplify Your Marketing

Siteplans, maps, galleries, videos, contact forms — if you can dream it, we can integrate it.

Harness Your Platform

LeasingLens is built to be your all-in-one hub. No more scrambling for links, tabbing through windows, or corralling download links.

Define Your Path

With everything at hand, you are empowered to tell your story without interruption or distraction.

Anyone Can Use It

LeasingLens is designed with CRE and AEC professionals in mind — no learning curves, no special software, and no goggles. It just makes sense.

Anytime They Want

LeasingLens is accessible (and shareable) with a single link. You can call it up in board rooms but also construction sites, zoning meetings, train stations, cafes...

On Any Device

Because it's built on HTML5, LeasingLens is going to look and work great on pretty much any device and browser you throw at it*.

*Not Internet Explorer. Ever.