About Our Services


Tangram 3DS’ 3D visualization services adds wow to your projects. We’re on the cutting edge of today’s visualization market, with a product line that is constantly expanding and developing to provide our clients with the latest in visual presentation capabilities. From architecture to interior design, from engineering to industrial design, from urban planning and preservation to yacht design, Tangram 3DS creates jaw-dropping three-dimensional images for a wide range of design capabilities.


Some ideas need a new perspective. Tangram 3DS’ animation brings out the brilliance of your creations. We identify how digital video and photography fit your goals and work closely with you through all phases of production, from scripting to editing. We understand that video can serve many different purposes, so we adapt our approach and our process to suit your needs. We develop the script, hire the talent, and make it happen. Digital video presentations are staples in corporate presentations and marketing; we offer everything you need to enhance your video, including custom special effects, video stabilization, and motion tracking.

Engage your audience using cutting-edge technology. Tangram 3DS creates customized projects in Virtual Reality/Panoramas (VR/Pano) and Augmented Reality (AR). No matter what your business is, from real-estate to gaming, the 360-degree experience is like no other. See what we can do for you.

A strong brand needs a compelling concept and presentation. Tangram 3DS is a one-stop shop for print and interactive web design that reflects your brand and mission. We bring your branding and design together, through a few small tweaks or a major transformation.