Night time aerial rendering of a multi-family residential development

20 Years of Bringing Your Vision to Life

2023 will be an exciting year for Tangram 3DS - it was twenty years ago this fall that we opened our doors. Over the past two decades we have built an incredible team. We have watched industries, markets, and technologies evolve in countless ways. We have grown and flourished as artists. We have enjoyed many years of success and we, like many, have endured a few of uncertainty.

We have a lot of exciting things planned over the coming months of this milestone year – like our 20th anniversary logo that you may have noticed above. We'll be looking back at how far we've come and looking ahead to where we're going. For the twenty years that have passed and the twenty (or more!) to come, please know that we have been able to celebrate and share our passion only because of you – your trust, support, and partnership is what keeps Tangram 3DS going.

We look forward to sharing the story of Tangram 3DS with you because you make up such a huge part of it. If you have a project to add to this ongoing story, please get in touch so we can help bring your vision to life.

Imagine What we can do for you
Our partners at design firm Embarc came to us to help them visualize a proposed multi-family development in a popular Boston suburb. Traditionally known as Boston's "garden suburb", Roslindale, MA is recognized for its charming architecture and natural spaces including the 265 acre Arnold Arboretum. Fitting then that the project we worked on, 18-22 Arboretum Road, proposes transforming a vacant, hardscaped industrial lot into a flourishing micro-community with over 200 apartments, ample green and public spaces, a rooftop solar array, and pedestrian-friendly ground-level retail and dining amenities.
Open, pedestrian-friendly public spaces and an abundance of lush, natural landscaping aim to transform a current industrial area in Roslindale, MA.
Our aerial fly through video and animations help bring to life a community-focused development that encourages engagement and outdoor lifestyles and is seamlessly integrated with the surrounding areas that make Roslindale a unique, convenient, and attractive place to call home.
We are your creative partners

Our newest Tangram 3Ds team member, Kyle Oulette, is not only an expert 3D artist but also a terrific writer, able to communicate complex ideas with clarity and concision. He brought these talents together in an article for CGarchitect (a thriving community for architectural visualizers) detailing the ins-and-outs of photomatching. Photomatching is an underestimated and often misunderstood 3D tool. High-quality photomatching doesn't just happen with lasso tools and perspective warps. An artist needs to have a keen understanding of light and shadow, color theory, and, crucially, photography and camera functions (even when working with existing photography).

Kyle lays out all the details in his helpful guide and we're sure a number of artists are already benefiting from his years of creative expertise. We are artists at heart and love being active in our creative circles and industries, exchanging insights, experience, support, and technique with other communities. Growth and innovation can only occur with the exchange of ideas We look forward to more exchanges from Kyle, and the rest of the Tangram 3DS team, in the future.

We help Bring Your Vision To Life

Last week our Business Development Manager, Dalton Perry, attended the Maine Real Estate and Development Association (MEREDA) Forecast Conference in Portland. This annual event brings together developers, investors, construction and engineering firms, and other professionals (like Tangram 3DS) working in a variety of real estate fields. This year's forecast was heavily focused on multi-family development opportunities in under-the-radar markets like Lewiston-Auburn. With residential development expected to grow further in these markets, the forecast calls for a similar increase in commercial and industrial development over the years to come.

Dalton had a great time catching up with some familiar faces, meeting new colleagues in the industry, and soaking up market insights from experts and professionals across a number of fields. Next up, Dalton will be heading to Boston for an event - Innovating & Developing Boston's Industrial Market - we hope to see some of you there, so mark your calendars for March 8th and make sure to say hello to Dalton (if he doesn't say hello first!).

Imagine What We Can Do For You

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