Looking Ahead: Luxury Residential in 2024

2023 saw a lot of emerging trends in the luxury real estate industry - from interior design motifs and marketing strategies for high-dollar properties, right down to how and where these homes are being built and (even) assembled. The most exciting trends are those that, we think, are going to continue to evolve in the new year and be well-established by the end of 2024. Let's get into what we've seen through our particular lense as visualizers and designers.
Aerial and ground footage merge seamlessly with 3D animation in our Big Sky Farms video..
The Natural Path to a Timeless Aesthetic

There was a time in the architecture and interior design realms when modern design meant glass and steel, sharp edges, severe tones, and a hyper-clinical (some might say cold) presentation of an aspirational lifestyle. But now modern design is more likely to invoke works like "organic" or "holistic." The aspirational life is more likely lived surrounded by jute and rough-hewn wood, with stark tones replaced by ones with names like "raw-honey" or "sun-warmed stone."

Luxury can be found in superb quality of materials and thoughtfully designed architecture. But sometimes the greatest luxury is to be found in the surrounding environment, like the Big Sky Farm video we recently completed. We got some astonishing ground and aerial footage for this project - sure, we can't take credit for the remarkable environment, but we can take credit for expertly capturing all the dappled sunlight, verdant flora, and gamboling fauna. And modelling a full, sprawling farm was no small either! The final video is a showcase piece for a property that perfectly marries the richness of the natural world with the luxury of a custom-built homestead.

View in 360
Day or night, from every vantage point in 360 space, potential buyers want to fully experience a space.
Experience Over Presentation

We love this trend toward the natural worldbecause, as visualizers, it means we get the opportunity to design and stage spaces that are drenched in light, overflowing with layered textures, and brimming with gorgeous materials.

Properties so rich call for marketing tools that allow potential buyers to really immerse themselves in a space. That's why we're also excited that 360 tours and interactive visualization (like the interactive 360 tour above, recently completed for Otter Creek Homes) are becoming standard tools for luxury residential marketing campaigns. The 360 space is one in which the viewer can truly observe an environment and feel a connection with a place. And interactivity, whether it's moving from room to room, transforming a property from day to night, or real-time customizing of finishes and furniture, adds an additional (and crucial) element: personal investment. When the viewer chooses how to see and move around a space, it stops being a presentation and becomes an experience.

This modular high-rise apartment building comes together by stacking together units that were built offsite, sort of like LEGO. But our LEGO never looked this good.
When Design Meets Demand and Exceeds Expectation

What happens when this nature-forward design trend spills over into the construction and engineering industry? And what happens when it doesn't stop there, but forges ahead to further meet the essential need for housing in high-demand urban areas? You get all-star firms like Assembly OSM and projects like modular high-rise apartment buildings.

With nearly-endless configuration options, net-zero operational carbon builds, and ripping-fast construction times, these projects are destined to be game-changers for modular construction, sustainable design, and housing inventory.

We're excited to see how all these trends play out over the next year, and we can't wait to see what other new trends emerge in 2024.

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