Meet the Team: Cole Kuehl

"The outcome of the product is fantastic. It was a great experience. Tangram 3DS was a super thoughtful, cooperative team that worked really hard to create the best product that truly represented the property and our vision so that our customers could see the potential of the space. They helped us tell the story of Olympic Tower and allowed our customers to imagine what could be. We look forward to showing it off!"

Jane Doe
VP of Important Things
Important Things, INC

"Any aspect of art, whether pencil and paper, or 3D arch viz...any form of creating is what gets me pumped."

Cole Kuehl

Senior Visualizer

On top of being just about the nicest fellow you could meet, Senior Visualizer Cole Kuehl is an incredible artist both in and out of the office, a thoughtful and diligent worker, and an indispensable member of the Tangram 3DS team. Cole joined Tangram 3DS in 2016 and loves that he is able to pursue his dream career in the same coastal community in which he grew up and that he loves.

For Cole, Tangram 3DS is the ideal place to work, not just because our headquarters are close to home, but because our company culture is one based on collaboration, respect, and open communication. "Everyone gets along with each other," says Cole, which is apparent when we venture out together on company lunches (another thing that Cole loves about working at Tangram).


Cole appreciates that our Tangram 3DS partners and clients "allow me more creative freedom and trust my judgement on what does and doesn't improve an image. They are appreciative of the work we do and what it does for them."

Taking a look at Cole's work, it's apparent why the partners he works with would trust his judgement as an artist. Cole's creative passion and supreme talent for visualization come through in everything he does here at Tangram.

View in 360

When he's not creating professional or personal works of art – including sculptures in wood, stone, and wire – Cole can often be found on one of the local golf courses. He plays for fun and sport, but also for good causes: right now he's gearing up to participate in the 30th Annual SAME Golf Outing which supports educational opportunities for students entering STEM fields.

We're so proud to have Cole on our team and always impressed by how he excels at everything he does. If you're looking to collaborate with a talented, studious, and all around-pleasant guy, get in touch with us and see how Tangram 3DS and Cole can help bring your vision to life.

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