Tangram’s New Website: Showing Off 20 Years of Creativity

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Tangram is celebrating two decades in business by launching a new website that showcases our breadth and depth of work across industries and around the globe. The new site presents case studies from our vast and varied clientele and offers our visitors a highly engaging way to explore some of our best work.

Over the past 20 years in business we have grown from a two-person visualization studio into a full-service marketing and design agency. In preparation for this milestone year, we saw an opportunity to refresh and reshape our web presence to better represent the full breadth of services that Tangram 3DS provides and to better showcase our creativity and holistic approach to projects. Our work spans markets and industries, reaching from residential homes to landmark buildings, from city centers, to entire metropolitan neighborhoods and even further beyond, into space.

Many of our projects are a full-team effort, incorporating renderings, VR, video, web design, and branding. Case studies are a perfect way to tell the stories behind the projects and show the coordinated work involved in producing these marketing packages. Our new site focuses on case studies like these and offers our visitors an insightful, behind-the-scenes look at how Tangram 3DS and its partners collaborate to bring visions to life.

Our work page spotlights just some of the projects we've been a part of, with a focus on those that incorporated a multitude of services that Tangram 3DS offers.
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The website was brought to life through the talent and creativity of our in-house website design and marketing team. With every branding and web design project, our team takes the time to truly understand the client, identify its authentic message, clearly define its brand and offerings, and build modern, responsive websites that drive engagement. This was no less the case with our own site. Our marketing team did the research, defined scope and reach, laid out conversion goals, and rooted out pain points. Then our web design team set to work building a site that is fresh and impressive on the frontend and dead-simple to manage and expand on the backend. Being our own client was a unique opportunity to understand our branding and web design services from both sides and we remain proud of the work we do and confident that our branding and web design services provide top-tier solutions for projects of all sizes and clients from all industries.
Our web design and branding solutions span markets and industries. Check out the case studies above and see for yourself.
Our new website is the best 20th birthday present we could imagine. Take a tour around, let us know what you think, and be sure to get in touch if you like what you see and have a project in mind that we could help you bring to life.

Imagine What We Can Do For You

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