The Pros at McNamara Salvia Know Their Tools

One of the greatest things about long-lasting friendships is that both parties get to observe each other's metamorphosis, from the people they start as into the people they shape themselves to be through willpower and determination, and through life's successes and setbacks. A true friendship survives, even thrives, amid these waves of change largely because of the trust and support at the bedrock of of a genuine friendship.

We've been watching with great admiration as our partners at McNamara • Salvia Structural Engineers have evolved to become leaders and innovators in their industry. We've been especially exited over the past year to see them opening additional offices not just around the country, but around the world. Much like Tangram 3DS, McSal prides itself on their one-on-one approach to project management - no small task when you complete as many projects as they do!


Our friendly partnership with McSal started with renderings but quickly, as we both evolved and expanded, came to include branding, print, and web design. And McSal's growth and output continued at such a rapid clip that soon we were building them an updated website with an updated purpose: to empower their team to harness their own site as an indispensable marketing tool.

With new projects being completed at a rapid clip, we set out to build a dynamic, template-based website that was dead-simple to understand, easy to edit, and quick to load and respond across devices. We're always available when our partners need us, but with the new site build, McSal can keep their content fresh and updated without having to call in our web development services in their daily marketing pipeline (but really...we are always at the ready!).

A website is a great (maybe greatest?) marketing tool, but it's just that: a tool. A tool that gets neglected is less effective and sometimes can do more harm than good (think dull knife blade). And, of course, the best way to master a tool is to use it. So we're perfectly happy to craft the tools McSal needs to perform their work, hand them off, and watch our friends become masters at their trade. And we celebrate their enduring success while dreaming up even greater tools they'll need for the future. Check out their site at and don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like us to help your harness your own marketing efforts.


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