Visualizing Brooklyn: The Williamsburg Collection


We are a creative studio and one particularly engaged with cutting-edge tools and innovative marketing solutions. And while we love being the ones at the forefront of art and technology, imagining new possibilities and exploring uncharted technical territories, there is something else that we love even more: when our partners dream up something we've never seen before.

Recently this was the case with L3 Capital and their marketing goals for the Williamsburg Collection. With open minds, vast ambitions, and a working relationship fueled by mutual trust, respect, and genuine excitement, we collaborated with the team at L3 Capital to bring to life a truly unique, outside-the-box interactive marketing feature - one that we hope will be the first of many that we create and expand upon in the future. Read on to explore what we came up with and if you have an idea for something that you've never seen before, please get in touch so we can help bring your vision to life.

Imagine What we can do for you

L3 Capital boasts an impressive real estate portfolio in metropolitan markets all over the country and the Williamsburg Collection is an outstanding jewel amongst their gems. Stretching out along North 6th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this collection helps define a neighborhood that's known to be one of the most hip, upscale, and desirable in NYC. So when it came time to promote this piece, L3 Capital knew they wanted marketing material that was as expansive and outstanding as the collection itself.

They wanted to show off the scale and vibrancy of the Williamsburg Collection and how it both embodies and coalesces with the Brooklyn neighborhood. So rather than a gallery of individual renderings they proposed this: a massive street-level elevation spanning both sides of North 6th Street (and a slice of Bedford Ave) that would present a seamless vision of the Williamsburg Collection as it coexists with its neighbors.


L3 Capital was more than pleased with the results and knew they wanted to present this piece in a smart, engaging way and so they asked: could these elevations be turned into a side-scrolling walking tour and integrated with their existing website?

With careful optimization of these massive images, ensuring a perfect balance of image quality and speed, we could allow website visitors to "stroll" along these neighborhood elevations. But when they mentioned "tour", our gears started turning.

Could we make this into a full-fledged interactive street-level tour that showcases the neighborhood as a whole and encourages engagement with L3 Capital's properties? We knew we'd never seen anything like that. And we knew we wanted to build it.


The result is a full-screen, high-res, interactive tour of North 6th Street and Bedford Ave with animated tenant and neighbor logos, quick stats about available spaces, and links to individual property pages where visitors can get more specs, view galleries and floorplans, explore interactive maps, and get in touch with L3 Capital about leasing opportunities.

Next we set to work integrating it into the Williamsburg Collection website, including a new cut for the homepage video with added motion graphics. Because of the bespoke nature of the tour, it was decided that Tangram 3DS would take over final development of the site in order to fully control our product and bring the existing design more in line with the newly-minted tool and the brand personality. We delivered a refinished site that is eclectic in design and meticulous in presentation. On the backend we built a structured and dynamic CMS interface that gives L3 Capital the power to harness their own web presence. Going forward they can quickly, simply, and confidently keep their site up to date as the Williamsburg Collection grows and evolves in the future.

This was an outstanding project to work on and we can't thank the L3 Capital team enough for sparking our imaginations, giving us the opportunity to act on our inspiration, and for allowing us to be their trusted partners in bringing this vision to life.

Imagine What We Can Do For You

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